Globalization Greetings

Hello world! is how WordPress, this blogging program, began my first post. It did it for me, believing that by doing so, it would guide me through the steps of editing and deleting. It even added my first comment: “This is a comment!” it said. How very exciting. Of course, I considered deleting the entire thing, but I thought, who knows better what I should do than WordPress, my guide on this futuristic blogging expedition, and so I decided to leave it as is.

So, Hello world, a shockingly accurate way to begin a blog in this age of globalization. Whether you’re a hooker in Taipei or a stockbroker in France (can French people manage stocks), you have access to what promises to be one of the most compelling, pretentious and self-aggrandizing blogs on religion, South Park and writing.

Why these subjects, you ask? Well, I’m an author of the upcoming book, The Zen of South Park, which is all about South Park‘s portrayal of religion in America. I’ll discuss more about the book later, but for now, feel free to visit to learn more.

P.S. All the work on this blog is copyrighted and may not be infringed upon without written consent of the author, Jay Solomon.