Ordered Chaos

Oh, ho ho – don’t you just love clever titular oxymorons? Too bad this one isn’t all that clever. As long as I have your drifting attention, though, I’d love to give you a preview of what will be going down here on a regular basis. I promise (to the best of my ability – though beware that I did once promise Mugabe that I would achieve a higher political office in Zimbabwe than he ever had) that I will write something new every day. I will attempt to do so early in the morning so that by the time you sit down at your office to work and start surfing the internet, I will already have provided you with some new fodder for the daily grind. The following is what you can expect each day of the week:

Sunday: Writing, Progress, Process and Foreclosures

Monday: Guest Writers and Interviews

Tuesday: Titillating Tuesdays – join me and my good friend and fellow author Chandler Craig (chandlermariecraig.wordpress.com) to see our different takes on the topic of the day.

Wednesday: Writing, Progress, Process, and Foreclosures

Thursday: Around the World – I will post a photo of me at religious sites around the world and discuss their relevance and place in South Park (on these days I hope that you’ll post photos of yourselves at these and similar sites or just send them to me)

Friday: Religion in the News – I will discuss religion related stories that have appeared in the news (if you want me to discuss something in particular that has happened then make sure to let me know)

Saturday: Book/Movie Review Day

In addition to these weekly features, I will always try to discuss the upcoming episode of South Park that is set to be aired on Comedy Central that evening and what it’s relevance is to our general topic of religion. General comments will also be forthcoming on a regular basis.

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