Indiana Jones and the Temple of something something – plus Chef’s Chocolate Salty Balls

(If you’re looking for a post about the South Park episode making fun of this movie, click HERE)

A blog about South Park and religion, you say. Yes, I do, but there are other things to be discussed as well and that’s what I’m going to do. Since I just saw Indiana Jones and the Temple of the Crystal Skull I thought I’d take a moment to tell you what I thought. It was good. I used to write a newsletter called The Catalyst (maybe if I can find the old files then I’ll get them up online for all to read), and in it I did movie reviews. Even back then I loved South Park and my standard was Chocolate Salty Balls (CSB) – yes, Chef’s Chocolate Salty Balls. I would assign 1 to 10 CSBs as my rating system. So, the new Indiana Jones movie gets 7.5 CSBs.

Now, bear in mind – if you think that’s a little high – that I am a fan of movies generally. So long as I have no expectations for a movie I can generally sit down and just enjoy it for its entertainment value. That being the case, I am very opinionated and crap is crap. This, however, was good. Harrison Ford was his usual quality self and Shia LeBeouf gave a rousing performance as well. It got a little cheesed up at the end, but it was an Indiana Jones movie and you could tell throughout that a cheese ending was coming. Fortunately, the action, though not nonstop, was regular enough and pretty decent. At first I was surprised by the supernatural plotline, but then I remembered that most Indiana Jone’s movies are actually that way. So, if you can set aside the supernatural and the cheese and realize that you’re watching a good old fashioned Indiana Jone’s movie in standard Lucas-Indiana Jones style, then you will probably enjoy.

One of the great parts about going, though, is that my girlfriend, Eszter (who you’ll be hearing from tomorrow), saw Sex and the City while I saw Indiana Jones. The only men in line for Sex and the City (and the 200 people preparing to go in were waiting together to go into the theatre, were a gay couple, an old man with his wife who was rather excited and one younger man, clearly with his significant other and looking depressed, ashamed and emasculated. It was pitiful and hilarious. All the other people were women.

Want your own copy? Get it: Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.

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4 Responses

  1. I saw both Sex and the City and Indian Jones this past weekend, pretty funny since the last movie I saw in theaters was the ever popular Will Smith ‘I am legend.’

    I agree with you on the rating of Jones, cheesy but entertaining – isn’t that what movies are suppose to be? I also find your comments about the ‘waiting in line men’ for Sex and the City to be hilariously true! I went to a very large theater and I also saw an older man with is wife and I happened to sit next to a girlfriend and boyfriend who were there because he ‘owed her big time!’ Not sure for what, but it must have been bad because she drug him to the ultimate chick flick of the year!

  2. Did you make your girlfriend go by herself!?

    Also, I loved the Indiana Jones movie. I wasn’t thrown by the supernatural aspect because I realize that that has been a popular theory as to how those civs came to be so advanced, but the ending was a little…much.

    However, I thought the movie did a great job of poking fun at itself. A lot during the movie, though, I was thinking…Harrison Ford must be really sore after that.

  3. I did not make Eszter go by herself. She could have come to see Indiana Jones with me and my dad, after all. However, I did wait in the seating line with her and she did enjoy the movie so it all worked out.
    Okay, okay, I’m terrible and yes I made her go by herself – but honestly, there’s no way I could have sat through that movie. I realize that it’s good quality stuff but it just doesn’t appeal to me. As Family Guy has astutely pointed out, it’s hard to figure out what Sex and the City is about: three hookers and their mother?

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