Janet Reno is the Easter Bunny, South Park, episode 403

403, this evening’s South Park episode number, was the address of my first house in college. I lived there with nine friends and I’ll tell you, we had the greatest damn time. One guy got a rottweiler, Brutus, who shit all over the house, and it stunk until we ripped the carpet out. We had a keg in the entry way (it was classy inside of the kegerator) and a giant panda that was smelly and fished out of a dumpster that held a heart with the words I Love You, emblazoned on it. It was always nice to come home and be told that someone cared. Most importantly was coney, the two-foot, double-sided, flesh colored, very veiny dildo that we used to keep the door propped open when we hung out on our ghetto stoop. “Dick the door,” we would tell someone before he went back inside. Yes, life at 403 was grand, and that is why this episode’s studio number has a place close to my heart.

On a more relevant note, Janet Reno, in an attempt to return a set of Romanian quintuplets to their native land (a spoof of Elian Gonzalez), dresses up like the Easter Bunny and busts into the Marsh household where the girls have been staying. The codewords, “Hello girls, I’m the Easter Bunny,” are the signal to the FBI that they should flood the house with teargas. Really, a classy operation. For more on Easter and what it represents in South Park, you should see the Catholicism chapter of The Zen of South Park – it has all the goods. Enjoy tonight’s episode at 9:30 on Comedy Central.

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