Parker and Stone Discuss South Park on Nightline

This video, with Trey Parker and Matt Stone on Nightline, is one of my favorites. This is actually the second part of the video (both parts can be found by clicking here) and though the first part is interesting it is only this one that discusses religion.

In short, what I enjoy are their Buddhist sentiments and the ability to question absolutely everything that they’re told must be the answer. Indeed, there’s no acceptance of the notion that “just because” is an answer to anything significant or important either.

The Zen of South Park, I think, very much captures the essence of Trey and Matt’s thoughts in this interview, and though I started writing the book before I saw the clip, it certainly reassured me that I was interpreting their show the right way. I hope you enjoy the video. If you know of other clips like this please send them to me. What did you think of the clip? Anything you objected to that they said? Anything you really liked?

South Park tonight, though it has almost nothing to do with religion, is absolutely hilarious. It’s the one that begins with Randy Marsh on The Wheel of Fortune trying to figure out what N_GGERS is. The clue is, People Who Annoy Me.

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