Get Smart: Savvy, Sophisticated and Good Old Fashioned Fun

I’m pleased to say that I really enjoyed Get Smart. I didn’t expect to. As a fan of the old television show, I expected them to butcher the concept and not really make me laugh. Not only did they manage to pay tribute (tastefully, I might add) to the original show, but they made me laugh pretty consistently throughout. Paricularly enjoyable was the spin they put on Maxwell, who was not the usual lucky dufus of the show but actually savvy and capable while a bit clumsy.

Steve Carell was, as usual, excellent. By combining his ability for excellent scene staging and awkwardness from The Office with his usual wit and charm (an odd combination for a man like him but qualities I’ve always found that he possessed) Carell delivered a great performance. Anne Hathaway provided a surprisingly consistent leading female role (unexpected); Alan Arkin was spectacular (probably had my favorite line: “were you thinking…”) and Dwayne Johnson (no longer The Rock) did a nice job too.

The cameos were also good – not necessarily The Incredible Hulk good, but pretty good. Bill Murray made an appearance as well as the original bad guy from the tv series (man in car who talks about getting run over). Also, as you may recall, the original show was by Mel Brooks and he produced this as well – hence a great Yiddish joke about Nudnick Shpilkes.

The action was quality. The plot was reasonable. The humor was consistent – the dance scene being one of my favorites – and I never had to look at my watch. What’s more is that this movie is for all (or a lot of) ages. I know many 50+ year olds who have thoroughly enjoyed themselves and a number of my friends – all mid twenties – had a great time too.

I’m going to award Get Smart 8 Chocolate Salty Balls.

Did you see it? What did you think?

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2 Responses

  1. Can’t believe you are moving already! Good luck!!!!!!!! And I’m glad to know Get Smart was good.

  2. Saw it, thought I would hate it, loved it! My favorite line was definitely, “were you thinking…”

    I normally don’t care for Steve Carrell, but enjoyed him in this. I love Anne Hathaway, so it didn’t take much to love her.

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