South Park Tonight: Fingerbanging and Negroplasties

Tonight’s got a double episode of South Park coming your way, and it includes two great episodes, “Things You Can Do With Your Finger,” and “Mr. Garrison’s Fancy New Vagina.” I love them both.

In the first, note Cartman’s attitude and approach towards God. Not only does he believe that God has ordained him for what he is to do (start a boy band) but he challenges God, even demonstrating his fright after doing so (he calls God a pussy and then insists he was just kidding).

In the second, we get a great look at religious identity when Kyle complains that he has never felt Jewish but actually tall and black, proceeds to get a negroplasty only to realize that he will always be himself genetically, even if he can alter an outward appearance – an interesting comment on sex change operations, no doubt.

These episodes are each fantastic in their own right (especially when we watch a scrotum get cut open during a real sex change operation), and I recommend you watch them both and think about what they are saying about religious identity and man’s perceived relationship to God.

Did you watch them? What did you think?

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