Trip Planning in California

Well, we think that we’ve found a place to live, but the difficult part is that we can’t move in until about July 3rd. Rather than waste money on a hotel in a city we’ll be in for the next year, we thought we may as well take this opportunity (the opportunity being that we’re not paying rent to live somewhere) to go visit some other destination or friend. Lucky for us, we have a wonderful friend, Thuy, in a wonderful city, San Diego, who has opened her home to us. We are thinking of driving down the coast from San Fancisco on highway 1, which is supposed to be one of the most beautiful and scenic drives there are. Last minute tickets also seem to be pretty cheap – anywhere from 140 to 75 dollars depending on the direction. Cyrus (our cat) adds a hassle to the whole program but if we drive he can chill in the car with us and if we fly then he’ll just have to deal. I would have boarded him but you need proof of vaccinations to do that and I just didn’t bring those with me in the first suitcase load of stuff to San Fran. Silly me.

So, everything seems to be working itself out okay and San Francisco is a great city. I can’t wait until we get settled in a bit more and I can return to steadily working on The Zen of South Park, my project which misses me a great deal. And I miss it. I’m also looking forward to providing you all with regular and quality posts once I get settled properly. Don’t worry – we’ll return soon.