Preparing for Bale’s Batman and Ledger’s Joker

Yes, I recently became one of those people who prepurchases tickets to movies. I didn’t do it because of my excitement though. I’d be just as excited to buy my tickets the day of – more actually because if I have any change of plans then it won’t affect my viewing the movie or losing money. However, with the volume of prepurchased tickets on the rise every day and the midnight and now 3 a.m. showings selling out like crazy, I figure that if i want to see The Dark Knight on the weekend of its release (July 18, 2008, by the way) then I need to go ahead and get a ticket now. So honestly, it was out of sheer necessity that I bought a ticket early.

Have you purchased your tickets already? Does the term prepurchase, much like the notion of preboarding an airplane, make no sense? Are you excited for the movie in any case?


2 Responses

  1. I am dying to see this film but I will probably wait until a few days after opening or even a week later. I’ve waited this long so I can do it…I think…I hope! But then again, I might cave in and go…man I hate crowds!

  2. oh oh oh – the day is finally here. I bought these tickets nearly two weeks early and finally today is the day. Can’t wait!

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