Exercising Mind and Body: Avoiding the Potentially Stagnant Life of the Household Writer

Like many authors, I write from home. I feel comfortable at home. It’s my comfort zone. Home has my stuff and my books, my computer and my desk: my collective work station where my mind is most free to do its thing and my fingers are most free to follow it through the keyboard. But this love affair with life at home – that is, working life at home – can be detrimental in other ways.

I fear – and I think it’s a grounded fear – that I don’t get enough exercise. Of course, in the last few weeks, I’ve managed to walk up and down the hills of San Francisco in search of apartments, accoutrements and everything else we need to set up, but now that this process has wound down and I am about to re-begin my sedentary lifestyle, it’s important to consider physical exercise.

Don’t get me wrong. I don’t want to exercise. It sucks and I don’t feel like using my time that way. However, I know it will make me feel better and I know that it’s good for me. Plus, I always get tired unnecessarily at about 1 o’clock and if I went to exercise instead of my usual two hour nap, it would be a better use of my time.

Those things considered, I decided that I need to join a gym. I like to swim and so it needs to be a place that has a lap pool (also, my knees suck and I can’t run long distances – especially not in this hilly town). This gym also needs to be close to my house because despite going to exercise, I’m pretty lazy when it comes to gym distance and won’t travel far (more than a ten minute walk) to exercise.

So, do you think I should join a gym? Do you work at home and need regular exercise? What do you do to stay fit and healthy? Any good suggestions for delicious snackfood?

3 Responses

  1. For most of my life I have held my father’s motto as my own: “When you feel like exercising, lie down till the feeling passes.” Although, I must say that I never felt like exercising in the first place. But when I did a party as the little mermaid and my agent told me that she couldn’t send me out on mermaid parties anymore because I was more like a whale, I made some changes. Now I love working out and find that it generates energy while requiring less fuel than laying around does (a fact that I cannot figure out). Definitley join the gym and try lots of things for variety. Vary also intensity level – I get more workouts in a week when I work at a lower intensity level for 30 minutes; an hour of intense weight lifting might tire me for several days. Oh! and drink sparkling water – it totally replaced my soda cravings. I need bubbles, not sugar.

  2. Sparkling water is a Brazilian trick – and the entire country looks good in a bathing suit…

  3. I don’t work but I do need exercise. I like peanutbutter and jelly shanwiches. Seriously, shannnnwiches. Fills you up because of protein and what not. Shannnwiches.

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