One of My Favorite South Park Episodes: Chef Goes Nanners (408)

Tonight on Comedy Central you can watch one of my absolute favorite South Park episodes (season 4 really has a lot of winners).

When Uncle Jimbo and Chef get into a heated argument about the South Park flag and whether or not it’s racist (4 white men are depicted hanging a black man), the mayor decides to base her decision on the outcome of the children’s school debate on the issue. Though the whole episode is funny and poignantly dramatic – Chef’s wrestling with the fact that no one he knows supports his fight to have this flag changed – it is the conversation between Chef and Kyle at the actual debate that’s so moving.

Spoiler Alert

It is absolutely one of my favorite moments in South Park history when Chef realizes that the children are so not-racist, despite his previous assumptions, that they never even saw the issue surrounding the flag as one of race because they never saw the color of the people on the flag. They just saw people killing people and thought that the whole issue was about murder. Chef is amazed at this wonderful turn of events and it brings him back down to earth, exercising reason and resolving to handle the problem more thoughtfully.

In typical South Park fashion, the happy conclusion of the entire episode is derived by creating a compromise and finding the Middle Ground, a message much emphasized in The Zen of South Park.

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