South Park Episode 704, “Canceled,” Tackles Great Jewish Stereotypes

Though it seems as though episode 101 is repeating itself, we learn that this deja vu is nothing more than a rerun – and when reruns start coming on we know it’s time for a show to be canceled. Which show? Earth! That’s right, the Earth is actually a reality television show – one of the most popular in the universe – but since it’s becoming stale, it’s time for it to go.

This episode, excellent as it is, has two things worth focusing on for The Zen of South Park. The first is it’s self-reflective jabs regarding the length of a show’s run and that it should be canceled. Yes, South Park is talking about itself…jokingly. South Park has numerous self-reflective jabs (think of the Cartoon Wars episodes, in particular). Can you think of any others?

The second thing that’s great to focus on is the Jewish stereotypes. “What!?” you cry. “There are stereotypes involving people of Jewish descent?” Yes, I know it’s shocking, but also shockingly true, and a number of them are explored in this episode, particularly the notion that Jews control the media. Yep, they’re everywhere, especially when it comes to the media. Hitler knew it (see his Table Talks for evidence) and Trey and Matt know it. Considering the fact that Matt is Jewish, evidence of this stereotype is already emerging.

Joosians live on the planet Fognl, and are big green aliens that look suspiciously Jewish, have Brooklyn accents, control all the media in the universe and seem to be blood relatives of Kyle (discovered when they eat some gross food). If you don’t understand any of the references I’m making or if any of the jokes from the actual episode seem unclear (and are related to Jewish stereotypes), don’t hesitate to ask.

Did you like this episode? What was your favorite joke? What stereotypes did you notice that I didn’t mention here?

In The Zen of South Park I’ll explore the effects of revealing so many Jewish stereotypes as well as Cartman’s anti-Semitism, and discuss why South Park has provided us with an excellent medium of leaning about these things.

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