“Starvin Marvin in Space” – An Excellent South Park Episode about Missionaries and Truly Helping Others

Episode 311 is absolutely one of my favorites. The entire episode is relevant to religion, and as the subject of The Zen of South Park, it is central to my chapters on the Bible and Christianity.

The episode begins in Ethiopia where Sister Hollis, a missionary, is trying to get an Ethiopian tribe, which includes Marvin, to read from the Bible. She has basically made it clear that these destitute and starving Ethiopians will be given food enough to survive only once they read the Bible and accept Jesus. Disgusted by this approach Marvin leaves in an alien spaceship that he found in the desert in search of a better place for his tribe to live where they can be free from Christian missionaries.

The contrasts in this episode between allegedly helpful missionaries who claim to follow Jesus but who actually disgrace what he stood for, and sympathetic aliens that do wish to help yet have no concept of Jesus because being good doesn’t necessarily require any knowledge of Jesus, are outstanding and profound. What’s more is Kyle’s speech with the word Marklar everywhere:

“Wait, wait. I think I can explain this whole thing. Marklar, these Marklars want to change your Marklar. They don’t want this Marklar or any of his Marklars to live here because it’s bad for their Marklar. They use Marklar to try and force Marklars to believe their Marklar. If you let them stay here, they will build Marklars and Marklars. They will take all of your Marklars and replace them with Marklars. These Marklars have no good Marklars to live on Marklars so they must come here to Marklar. Please, let these Marklars stay where they can grow and prosper without any Marklars, Marklars or Marklars.”

Don’t miss this truly sensational South Park episode. Did you see it? What did you think? Do you have experience with missionaries or are you a missionary? Would you like to join me for an interview about your activities so we can all understand that not all missionaries are as they have been portrayed in this episode?

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