“Sexual Harassment Panda” is South Park episode 306

This episode has a great lesson. No, it’s not particularly concerned with religion, but they can’t all be. It is about greed and the problem this country has with lawyers.

Look, I know some lawyers and even people who are going to become lawyers. Good people. Well intentioned. However, in America, we are obsessed with suing people over frickin’ everything and it’s a really unhealthy practice.

Just today I was watching a commercial where a man stands there and tells you that if you’ve fallen or if anything bad has ever happened to you then you may be entitled to money. As he speaks, a list of bad things that can happen to people is running beside him so you can find out if any of whatever happened to you qualifies. This man and his associates are ambulance chasers.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m sure that some of his clients truly do deserve the money they get because they’ve been injured unfairly or in ways that were others’ fault. However, this man, as an ambulance chaser, just wants to get a piece of the action. Moreover, everyone who calls him does not deserve what they’re asking for.

That’s what “Sexual Harassment Panda” is all about. When we sue people, especially public institutions, that money has to come form somewhere, and sometimes it’s right out of our own pockets. That’s why Sexual Harassment Panda becomes Don’t Sue People Panda by the end of the episode and give us this message:

“When you sue somebody it hurts everyone. You sue for money, but where do you think that money comes from? From the schools, from taxes, from the state. From you. There’s no such thing as free money. When you sue somebody you take money away from parks and schools and charities and put it in your own pockets, and that makes me a sad panda.”

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