“Night of the Living Homeless,” South Park Episode 1107, Pisses Me Off

Why does it piss me off, you ask? Because I recently moved to California and at the end of the episode, the solution to the problem of all the homeless people in South Park (spoiler alert!) is that they are led to California where people are nice to the homeless.

I’m not advocating that people be mean to the homeless but for Christ’s sake (though I don’t think Jesus would approve of my disparaging attitude towards the needy) I wish they’d leave me the hell alone. They’re everywhere. To be fair, they’re not marginally as bad as this episode conveys: when you say no or indicate that you’re not interested, they leave you alone. But holy cow are they all over the place.

This episode raises a funny point about homeless guilt: the “God bless you, sir” even when you don’t give anything. They’re never mad or rude but they say God bless you. Well, I didn’t sneeze and honestly, they need God’s blessings a lot more than I do so I refuse to feel guilty and just wish that they would stop waiting for God’s blessings and get off their asses (do I sound like Ayn Rand yet?).

One thing that is nice about San Francisco bums is that a lot of them try to sell a street paper to get change. I haven’t looked into it but I think that these papers are made for the homeless to sell so that they can do something with themselves. Do you know more about this? I also think it’s cool when a bum reads the paper aloud, hoping that he’s providing a service that someone is willing to pay for. I’m always happier contributing to someone trying to earn a living because it’s not contributing – it’s paying.

When I lived in West Philly one bum would always open the door at the grocery store. I always gave him my change because he was providing a service and not just asking for money. Maybe that outlook is evil since I don’t want to just give bums money but I condone charity and give charity – I just don’t know where the money’s going if I give it to some bum. Booze? Crack? However, if he’s provided a service then it’s like a paycheck and if you’re making a paycheck then you’re entitled to spend your money however you want. Like on booze or crack.

What’s your attitude towards the homeless? Did you like this episode?

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3 Responses

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  2. I liked that episode. The approach I tend to take with South Park is that, if something seems offensive or insensitive or just not right, chances are they’re being ironic on a level I’m not quite getting, so it’s probably fine and not worth getting angry about. It’s more fun that way, anyway.

    Here in the UK there’s a weekly paper called the Big Issue, specifically manufactured for sale by the homeless. My middle-class guilt pushes me to buy it occasionally, though I’ve never seen them giving readings aloud in the street, that’d be cool.

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