“An Elephant Makes Love to a Pig,” South Park Episode 105, Teaches about Family Love

Aside from the great sexual lessons, this episode also teaches us a bit about family love.

Multiple times when Stan comes home, his older sister Shelley is watching Jesus and Pals on tv. She also proceeds to beat the crap out of her little brother right away. It seems to me that this is a lesson about not being hypocritical.

Many people claim to follow Jesus and listen to his words. However, they don’t behave in such a way that Jesus would appreciate. They are hypocritical. Jesus preaches love and nonviolence and though Shelley is sitting there watching his show on public access television, she nonetheless beats up her little brother repeatedly. That’s like when the Pope used to sponsor crusades.

What do you think? Is this an exaggeration, an overinterpretation or sheer nonsense?

Did you see this episode? Did you like it?

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