A Hilarious Sign Blaspheming Jesus – and More!

I’ve got a whole bunch of these hilarious signs and though many of them are funnier than the first two, they were the only topical ones considering the nature of this blog. I hope you like them, and the additional ones I’ve tossed in there.

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Stained Glass Church Window Inadvertantly Suggestive…of Child Molestation!

Maybe it's time to get a new design?

Maybe it's time to get a new design?

It is my firm belief that this design is not recent. Either that or it was commissioned by a huge idiot and done by someone with a wonderful sense of humor.

In any case, considering the nature of this blog and the numerous times we’ve discussed the issue of Catholic clergy molesting boys, I figured that I would go ahead and share this image with you.

If you’d like to read about the Pope’s Mixed Signal speech in Australia, click HERE, and if you’d like to read about episode 608, “Red Hot Catholic Love,” click HERE (this one includes a picture of me at the Vatican…with my pants on).

To show how these things can sometimes be funny accidents I’ve included this very real sign that a business probably didn’t get until the sign was printed and hung:



Do you have anything funny like this to share?

“Cartman’s Mom is a Dirty Slut,” is South Park Episode 113

The first part of this two-part episode is all about poor Eric Cartman wanting to know who his father is. Hilariously, South Park fans wanted to know too and as this was the season finale of the first season, we all had to wait until the beginning of season two to find out. As the season began on April 1st, however, Trey Parker and Matt Stone decided it would be funny to air an April Fools joke episode about Terrance and Philip to really piss everyone off. People were indeed angry, but the next episode we learned who Cartman’s dad was.

A particularly funny part of this episode comes when Cartman goes into the local bar to tell Mr. Garrison that he’s his father because he had sex with Ms. Cartman at the Drunken Barn Dance. Mr. Garrison says, yeah, but who didn’t have sex with her at the Drunken Barn Dance. The camera pans over everyone, whose faces all say the same thing: we did her too. Eventually, the camera arrives at Father Maxi, the Catholic Priest who is having a drink with Jesus. Both look guilty as well.

Catholic priests, as we know, are not supposed to have sex, but apparently Father Maxi does. He also had sex with Mrs. Donavan (410) and has had gay experiences (503). The idea of Jesus having sex is also pretty hilarious, especially with a slutty crack-whore like Lianne Cartman.

It’s also amusing that earlier in the episode when Cartman is asking his mom who his dad is, he slams his fist on the table and screams, “Goddamnit” as an image of Jesus hanging on the cross rests on the wall. Tasteful.

Did you like this episode? What about who Cartman’s dad ended up being?

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