In “Le Petit Tourette,” South Park 1108, Cartman Admits to Gay Childhood

This episode is disturbing and hilarious. When Cartman learns of Tourette’s Syndrom, he starts cursing and claims to have developed this awful affliction. He uses it as an excuse to say anything he wants, including anti-Semitic slurs at the Broflovskis, who literally can’t do anything about it.

By the end of the episode, he actually does develop Tourette’s, however, and starts saying things about himself uncontrollably, like about his gay sexual encounters with his cousin. Terrified of going on national television and saying something he doesn’t want to – though originally thinking it would be awesome to curse on TV – Cartman prays to God:

How did I get myself into this? God? Please uh, I know I screwed up. I should have never pretended to have Tourette’s Syndrome, but see, ah I get it now. You can’t just walk around saying whatever you want. You gave us a filter because, people don’t wanna hear things like “I touched penises with my cousin!” And I learned, you especially can’t say whatever you want on national television, ’cause, there could be kids watching. Please, God, don’t make me embarrass myself on national television. You must see how this is all somewhat your fault, right? Please, I need a miracle.

Not only is South Park making fun of itself for insisting that they should be allowed to say anything they want on TV and mocking those who insist that they shouldn’t because children could be listening (and those people not realizing that they shouldn’t allow their children to watch whatever they want late at night if this is such a concern), but it also plays on our constant prayers to God. Yeah, Cartman needs a miracle but it’s obviously his fault he’s in this situation and only wants God’s involvement when he’s screwed up royally.

A really great episode. What’d you think? Do you have Tourette’s and think that worse things should have happened to Cartman for being so horrible?

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