Religion (or cults) in the News: Anonymous Takes on Scientology in Global Protest

South Park hates Scientology. I hate Scientology. As we are told, “It’s a big, fat, global scam.” Scientology is not a religion, despite the insanely shady way that it acquired tax-exempt status. It’s a cult that takes as much money as possible from its adherents. Episodes 912 and 1001 detail these issues and flesh them out in amazing ways; episode 504, Super Best Friends, is also about the fight against Scientology.

Apparently, South Park and I aren’t the only ones that think Scientology is an uncontrollable oozing of bullshit topped with a dollop of evil. An online group known as Anonymous, whose website can be found HERE, has decided to take on the cult with protests and online bashing. They wear masks and dress in costumes and never use their real names.

Normally, I would consider these tactics cowardly. However, considering the tactics of Scientology, which include harassment, reckless endangerment, stalking and other unsavory techniques, I don’t blame the group at all. As they say, if you have no identity then Scientology’s own tactics become useless.

Other opponents of Scientology include defectors of the religion – a rare breed – who now feel increasingly comfortable coming forward with the support of Anonymous and a man named Tommy Gorman, a former Scientologist whose wife was repeatedly raped by an old man in the cult who threatened her life if she came forward. Together, Gorman, his wife and Anonymous (whose tactics don’t always mesh since Gorman prefers Scientology’s more blatant harassment to casual protest) are trying to take down Scientology.

They want members to think about their beliefs and research their organization more thoroughly to learn about its dark past and horrible present. Today just so happens to be a global protest staged by Anonymous against Scientology and though I can’t be there to help, I’d just like to tell them good luck.

Click HERE to read about 912, HERE to read about 1001 and HERE to read about the death of Isaac Hayes, Scientologist and voice of Chef.

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  2. check out my blog. its got some more information about the CHurch of Scientology’s crimes.

    hav u also noticed that the tag “Scientology” has a trademark on it now? weird

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