Emmy-Award Winning South Park Gives Us “More Crap,” Episode 1109

This is a great episode – and not just because it’s about poop. It’s a great episode because it so accurately and tastefully depicts South Park‘s attitude towards the Emmys and the celebrity driven Hollywood culture that Matt Stone and Trey Parker despise.

One year they went to the Emmys in dresses and on acid. Though it sounds like fun, they vowed never to do that again.

South Park has won two Emmys and a Peabody Award (the latter is far more distinguished despite being less known), but the show’s response to the Emmy win was to do an entire episode about the world’s biggest piece of crap, continually flash their Emmy winner status on the bottom as they depicted this constant crapping and then jam the Emmy in the biggest piece of crap at the end of the episode – a critique both about their show and the Emmys.

This episode is disgusting and funny and in the meantime makes an amazing point. Also, it makes fun of Bono for being douchey.

Did you like it? What do you think of the Emmys? Does South Park deserve them?

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