South Park episode 310, “Chinpokomon,” Teaches of Fads and Japanese Endowments

This episode contains two very important truths. The first is that we shouldn’t do things just because everyone else is doing them. The second is that Japanese people have very small penises compared to Americans.

Kyle and Stan have the following conversation when Kyle is trying to like Chinpokomon like the other boys:

Stan: Kyle, you see, we learned something today. This whole Chinpokomon thing happened because we all followed a group. We only liked Chinpokomon because everyone else did, and look at the damage it caused.
Kyle: So now I should stop liking Chinpokomon because you all don’t?
Stan: Yeah.
Kyle: But if I stop now, I’d just be going with the group again so to be an individual, I have to bomb Pearl Harbor.
Stan: Oh, wait. Actually, Kyle, I was wrong. You see, Kyle, I learned something just now. It is good to go with the group. A group mentality is healthy sometimes.
Kyle: Ah, screw it. I’m too confused.

Not only does South Park mock its own weekly lessons here by equivocating at the cost of national destruction, but it also provides us with a very interesting episode on following fads. And it makes fun of Japanese people’s penises in the meantime.

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