Around the World Pic: Scientology Church in Los Angeles

I went to Los Angeles over Labor Day weekend and had a great time exploring the city (great tour guide), hanging out at the beach (great weather) and visiting Universal Studios (great day).

One thing I noticed, though, as I cruised the streets of L.A. (something many before me have noticed but as this was my first visit I just saw it for myself), was that there were Scientology churches everywhere. You couldn’t escape them. What is it about L.A. that makes it such a bastion for this cultish pseudo-religion? I have some theories that involve personal emptiness, gullibility, the need to remain fashionable, money, etc., but they’re little more than that: theories.

Though I do have a picture with me in the foreground and the primary Scientology headquarters in the background, you really can’t tell what that building is, so I opted to give you this photo instead, which I took right on Hollywood Boulevard.

Have you ever been to this church? To L.A.? Did you notice the Scientology churches everywhere? What’s your theory for why they’re there?

To read about South Park’s Scientology episodes, 912 and 1001, click HERE or HERE, respectively. To read about the Religion in the News day concerning Scietology, click HERE.

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2 Responses

  1. Who gives a shit?

  2. Thought provoking and inspirational: who gives a shit? Indeed, who does give a shit? Many people probably don’t. Scientology isn’t affecting their daily lives and it’s none of their business why people choose to believe what they do.

    However, I give a shit. As I see more and more people get sucked into a money-grubbing cult, and notice that it’s epicenter is in L.A., I wonder what the relationship between the two is. Call it intellectual curiosity or egotistical musing, but at the end of the day, I want to know and I ask you, my readers, to provide me with some of your theories so I can have new opinions and ideas to think about.

    Though you can give a shit about whatever you wish, Ned, if you’d like to give a shit about this or offer any theories, I’d be delighted to hear about them.

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