Around the World Pic: The Bahai Gardens in Haifa, Israel are Among the Most Beautiful Gardens in the World

The Bahai Gardens in Haifa, Israel, are some of the most beautiful and well tended gardens on the planet. Haifa is a port city that faces the Mediterranean Sea and climbs up a steep mountain side. The gardens, in the middle of the city on prime real estate, also climb straight up the mountain in over a dozen levels of symmetry, shocking colors, and breathtaking scenery.

The Bahai faith is a peaceful religion that believes God sent messengers throughout history (like Moses, Jesus and Mohammed), whose messages were all ultimately about the same thing but varied according to the social needs of the time.

The shrine in the center of the Bahai gardens is actually the tomb of the Bab, one of the two founders of the Bahai faith, who lived in the 19th century and is considered by the Bahai to be one of God’s messengers. Haifa happens to be the center of the Bahai faith, and no visit to Haifa is complete without a visit to these magnificent gardens.

Have you ever been? Where do you think the world’s most beautiful gardens are? What do you think about the Bahai faith? Are you Bahai and can you share a little bit about your religion with us?

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6 Responses

  1. Thank you, that’s a nice piece about the gardens and the Baha’i Faith. The gardens are truly amazing — I’ve been there myself. I’ve been a Baha’i for about two decades and I’ve never ever had any regrets about it. This faith is really such a tremendous gift to mankind. It restores the broken pieces of old religions and classic truths. It’s full of the most unbelievable food for thought and inspiration.

    The words of Baha’u’llah are so weighty and at the same time so wonderful and uplifting, and have such a profound effect on the life and the very heart of, I believe, anyone who accepts them as they are. I consider it the ultimate honor to be able to do something meaningful in regard of seriously promoting this beautiful Faith during one’s lifetime.

    For a very brief, general introduction to the Baha’i Faith, I recommend Anna’s Presentation in a Nutshell, which can be found here:

  2. Thanks so much for sharing that with us, Bui. I remember going to the other gardens in Israel, the ones off highway 4 along the coast, and they handed us a pamphlet introducing the religion at the gates. It was so wonderful – my friend and I were like, This sounds great! Most reasonable and quality sounding religion we’ve heard of in a while. Let’s convert.

    This from two people who grapple with religion on an intellectual level and don’t really live with a faith day to day. Bahai does seem wonderful.

    Perhaps if you make it back to this post you could share a saying of the Baha’u’llah with us that strikes you as particularly enjoyable to think about? Thanks again for your thoughts.

  3. Jay, thanks for your kind reply. I’m sorry for not having been here since you posted it…

    Well, it’s now just about 6 months later but let me nonetheless paste in one of my favorite quotes from Baha’u’llah:

    The world’s equilibrium hath been upset through the vibrating influence of this most great, this new World Order. Mankind’s ordered life hath been revolutionized through the agency of this unique, this wondrous System — the like of which mortal eyes have never witnessed.

    Immerse yourselves in the ocean of My words, that ye may unravel its secrets, and discover all the pearls of wisdom that lie hid in its depths. Take heed that ye do not vacillate in your determination to embrace the truth of this Cause — a Cause through which the potentialities of the might of God have been revealed, and His sovereignty established. With faces beaming with joy, hasten ye unto Him. This is the changeless Faith of God, eternal in the past, eternal in the future. Let him that seeketh, attain it; and as to him that hath refused to seek it — verily, God is Self-Sufficient, above any need of His creatures.

    Say: This is the infallible Balance which the Hand of God is holding, in which all who are in the heavens and all who are on the earth are weighed, and their fate determined, if ye be of them that believe and recognize this truth. Say: Through it the poor have been enriched, the learned enlightened, and the seekers enabled to ascend unto the presence of God. Beware, lest ye make it a cause of dissension amongst you. Be ye as firmly settled as the immovable mountain in the Cause of your Lord, the Mighty, the Loving.

    (Gleanings from the Writings of Baha’u’llah, pp. 136-137)

  4. I am 20 years old, half Mexican half German with Lebanis background. I became a Bahai a year ago in Czech Republic, and this is the most World-embrasing-international experience i have ever known to exist.

    “It is not for him to pride himself who loveth his own country, but rather for him who loveth the whole world. The earth is but one country, and mankind its citizens.”

    This is one of my favorite quotes:

    “Man is the supreme Talisman. Lack of a proper education hath, however, deprived him of that which he doth inherently possess. Through a word proceeding out of the mouth of God he was called into being; by one word more he was guided to recognize the Source of his education; by yet another word his station and destiny were safeguarded. The Great Being saith: Regard man as a mine rich in gems of inestimable value. Education can, alone, cause it to reveal its treasures, and enable mankind to benefit therefrom.”
    Gleanings from the Writings of Bahá’u’lláh, CXXII, pp. 259-260

  5. Indeed, Beautiful Garden a must visit In Israel, a message for peace and unity among people.

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