Zen Talk: The Buddha Speaks of Ceasing Hatred

“Hatreds do not ever cease in this world by hating, but by not hating; this is an eternal truth.”

These wonderful words of Buddha can be found in the Dhammapada.

I’ve included them here today and would like to juxtapose them with the words of Cartman in episode 911, “Ginger Kids.”

“Now I don’t think I need to tell you there’s a lot of hate out there. Hate for awesome people like us. And if there’s one thing I’ve learned, is that the only way to fight hate, is with more hate! We are not the freaks of society, everyone else is!” says Cartman.

Now, who do you think we should listen to? Buddha or Cartman?

Rather than cheapen these quotes by rambling about them, I’m going to let them stand on their own, and hope that you will contribute a little by telling me your thoughts about them.

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Enjoy more Zen Talk.


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