Old People Are Murdering and Father Maxi Speaks of God in South Park Episode 710, “Grey Dawn”

This episode is about how old people shouldn’t drive because they’re practically incapable of doing so anymore. I agree entirely. Old people should have to take driving tests every two years after the age of say, 70 or something. It’s for everyone else’s safety.

My late grandfather, a wonderful man but terrifying driver, used to make left turns across multiple lanes of traffic without looking. “They see me,” he used to insist. Yes, they see you splattered across a windsheild if you keep driving like that. My mother and her brothers tried to get him a driver but he refused. This episode is about this problem.

It begins with a funeral over which Father Maxi presides. He says:

“It is sometimes hard, in times like these, to understand God’s way. Why would he allow nine innocent people to be run down in the prime of their lives by a senior citizen who, perhaps, shouldn’t be driving? It is then that we must understand, God’s sense of humor is very different from our own. He does not laugh at the simple ‘man walks into a bar’ joke. No, God needs complex irony and subtle farcical twists that seem macabre to you and me. All that we can hope for is that God got his good laugh and a tragedy such as this will never happen again.”

That is an hilarious and amazing description and understanding of God, all the more fitting coming from the mouth of a Catholic Priest.

Did you like this episode? What do you think about this understanding of God?

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