Tina Fey’s Baby Mama, Starring Amy Poehler, is Pretty Funny

Alright, it definitely wasn’t the funniest movie around and it doesn’t deserve any serious accolades or love from the critics, but I laughed enough times and generally enjoyed watching it. Is that such a spectacular endorsement? No. But the critics panned this movie and it certainly didn’t deserve that.

Tina Fey gave a standard Tina Fey-ey performance, and her primary co-stars did a fine job too. You don’t expect the world, you don’t get it, but everybody goes home happy. It’s kind of like most sex – it doesn’t blow your mind but you’re more relaxed afterwards and pleased you did it.

A great part about this movie were the major roles played by Steve Martin and Sigourney Weaver, Fey’s boss and surrogate agency owner, respectively. They both did a great job, were totally random and silly in their parts and were fun to see.

I give this movie five chocolate salty balls, and recommend it to anyone who has an hour and a half to kill and enjoys silliness.

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