Cartman Becomes a Beef-cake in “Weight Gain 4000,” South Park Episode 102

Oh, what a silly episode. Cartman, having won an essay contest and allowed to speak when Kathy Lee Gifford comes to town, decides to bulk up by eating weight gain supplement. I once did a horrible science fair experiment in tenth grade using weight gain supplements on mice. It was a total failure and my parents were not down with a basement with with mice whose backs I’d used food coloring on.

In any case, Mr. Garrison, forever despising Kathy Lee for beating him in a talent competition as a child, decides to assasinate her.

God Bless is written on the bullet proof traveling shield used by Kathy Lee. What does it mean for her to say that? Is it totally exploitative of people’s feelings about God? Is it an empty and hollow saying?

What did you think of this episode? Have you ever taken weight gain supplement? Did you become a beefcake.

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2 Responses


    i love that episode. i’ve done the opposite and experimented with those fat-loss pills and diet pills like Stacker. they just made me jittery and miserable.

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