Quran Day: The Cow 62-71 Discusses Who Gets Into Heaven and What They Need to Believe

This is a very interesting passage, but I’m only going to comment on the beginning of it.

The Other Part, Though I Just Promised Otherwise

If you have anything to say or add about God’s command regarding the cow and the ensuing conversation between Moses and the Israelites, I’d love to hear it and better understand what’s going on. In part, it seems like a microcosm of Jewish law and debate, perhaps the Quran’s way of noting the constant struggle between the Jewish people and what they think they should be doing to please God: not just doing it, but arguing about it all day long and finally doing something. I certainly appreciate that sentiment and anyone’s help understanding these verses better.

Who is Going to Heaven – The Cow 62

I LOVE this verse of the Quran, which states explicitly that not just Muslims go to Heaven. This is not the most common of religious beliefs. Though many Christians today think that good people get into Heaven, traditional Christianity is quite clear that only those who believe in Jesus as God (plus other stuff) go to Heaven. The rest of us burn.

So, that the Quran states front and center that many other people besides practicing Muslims go to Heaven (pending, “shall have his reward” means that) is really incredible. Of course, you must believe a few key things, but hey, what good party lets just anybody in, right?

I also find it fascinating (and I think this is in another comment of mine elsewhere on a Quran Day Post) that instead of Christians, it’s written Nazareans, as in, those who follow the Nazarite (or Jesus), since Christians do not really do so much what Jesus said as follow the religion that Paul created about him. This Quranic verse implicitly recognizes this important historical fact, though as JDsg and I have discussed, Muslims also believe that the Torah followed by the Jews is a corrupted text, leading me to wonder if the Jews mentioned hear refers to Jews generally, or Jews whose hearts are with this real Torah or something else like that.

Follow up

What do you think about these verses from the Quran? Do you have answers to any of my questions? Who do you think gets into Heaven? And why?

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The Cow 62-71

62. Surely the believers and the Jews, Nazareans and the Sabians, whoever believes in God and the Last Day, and whosoever does right, shall have his reward with his Lord and will neither have fear nor regret. 63. Remember the day We made the covenant with you and exalted you on the Mount and said; ‘ Hold fast to what We have given you, and remember what is therein that you may take heed.’ 64. You know and have known already those among you who had broken the sanctity of the Sabbath, and to whom We had said: ‘Become (like) apes despised,’ 66. And whom We made an example for the people (of the day) and those after them, and warning for those who fear God. 67. Remember, when Moses said to his people: God demands that you sacrifice a cow,” they said: “Are you making fun of us?’ And he said: “God forbid that I be of the ignorant.’ 68. ‘Call on your Lord for us,’ they said, ‘that He might inform us what kind she should be.’ ‘Neither old nor young, says God, but of age in between,’ answered Moses. ‘So do as you are bid.’ 69. ‘Call on your Lord,’ they said, ‘to tell us the color of the cow.’ ‘God says,’ answered Moses, ‘a fawn colored cow, rich yellow, well pleasing to the eye.’ 70. ‘Call on your Lord,’ they said, ‘to name its variety, as cows be all alike to us. If God wills we shall be guided aright.’ 71. And Moses said: ‘He says it’s a cow unyoked, nor worn out by ploughing or watering the fields, one in good shape with no mark or blemish.’ ‘Now have you brought us the truth,’ they said; and then, after wavering, they sacrificed the cow.


Part II of the Imaginationland Trilogy Asks, Will We Nuke Our Imaginations?

To be honest, I don’t have a whole lot new for you that hasn’t already been said in last week’s post on Imaginationland part 1. Thus, here’s a link to that episode: CLICK HERE.

Here’s an awesome Imaginationland quote:

“Just because they’re imaginary doesn’t mean they’re not real. Haven’t you boys ever used your imagination?”

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What did you think about the Imaginationland trilogy?

Cartman saves South Park from Phish and Hippy Hell in “Die Hippie, Die” (902)

Let me begin by saying, I love Phish. I’ve been to many a Phish concert, and I wish that Phish still toured because I would go every time they came near me. I listen to a lot of other music, but sometimes I can get on a Phish kick that will last awhile.

That said, hippies do kind of suck. They’re annoying and self-righteous and they stink somethin’ awful. Fortunately, they love to pass the j to the right, puff puff. But hey, if you’re only good quality is your ability to share your pot, you can go to hell – but take a shower first.

In this episode, hippies start filling South Park and when Cartman notices the infestation he tries to do something about it. It’s too late, though, and the hippies take over, starting a giant jam circle that stretches and stretches. They claim they’re going to change the world, but they’re really just getting high and listening to music. NOOOOO!

What did you think of this episode? What do you think of hippies? Pot? Phish? Have you ever been to a Phish concert? Which one? Did you like it? Favorite part/song?

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