Kyle Stops Believing in God in South Park Episode 506, “Cartmanland”

This is an excellent South Park episode for someone like myself who loves when the show discusses religion.

When Kyle gets hemorrhoids and Cartman inherits a million dollars with which to purchase his very own amusement park, Kyle can’t believe that God would allow such a thing to happen. The question is, Why do bad things happen to good people (and good things to bad people)?

Thus, Kyle stops believing in God and renounces his Jewish faith.

As a response, Mr. and Mrs. Broflovski read the book of Job to him (a book of the Bible) – though they do not finish it. The book of Job is about lots of awful things happening to a good person, who continues worshiping God. The lesson of the story is, God can be just or unjust and we have no way of knowing why life is the way it is because the universe works in mysterious ways. Because of all that, we should never stop believing in or worshiping God.

Well, that sentiment may have held back in the day, but now that’s really frustrating and when Kyle calls the story stupid, South Park is lending credibility to a child’s natural tendency to waver in his belief when such terrible things occur.

So we get the Bible, religion and God all throughout this whole episode. There’s so much more, too. In synagogue, Kyle refers to God as Jehovah, the anglicized form of His name in the Bible. Pay attention to what he says about what’s important to him.

Did you like this episode? What did you think about the portrayal of Kyle’s religion? Do you like the book of Job? Has something ever happened in your life that caused you to question God’s existence (or maybe just hate Him)? Share with us!

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