Russians Try to Ban South Park for its Extremism and Negative Comments about Religion

The Situation

This is an amazing news story for a couple of reasons, and I can’t help but share it with you. Usually, Religion in the News day is a day that I branch off from my usual South Parkian rantings and ravings in order to discuss other relevant things that are happening around the world related to religion.

However, this week I get to take you all the way around the world – to Moscow no less – to discuss the show that’s near and dear to my heart, South Park! which a bunch of pissed off Christians (The Russian Union of Christians of Evangelical Faith, to be more specific) are trying to get banned.

WHAT!!?? Conservative Christians trying to ruin a good thing for other people because they can’t handle it themselves. Reminds me a lot of sex, booze and the Bible.

A statement from the group’s leader was that, “South Park is just one of many cartoons that needs to be banned from open broadcast…as it insults the feelings of religious believers and incites religious and national hatred.” The group, ironically, also called the show “extremist.”

So why are these accusations outrageous?

Why They Don’t Get It

South Park is a satirical comedy, meaning in part that its scenarios are constructed on outrageous situations and plotlines because only by being so extreme can the show shock us into understanding the point that it’s making. Subtlety is not the name of the game. However, extreme situations do not mean extremism. One of the show’s primary messages is that extremism of all kinds should be eschewed at all costs. That means that these Russian viewers totally missed the point of the show because they were too preoccupied being angry about what they didn’t understand!

As far as insulting the feelings of religious believers and inciting hatred, I’ll grant that the first one is true, but the only reason that someone needs to be particularly offended and have their feelings hurt regarding South Park‘s portrayal of certain religious people is if said believers are engaging in the unsavory actions being criticized. In which case, screw them! They should take a hint. They’re not supposed to like it – they’re supposed to reflect on it. It’s satire! What’s more, the show isn’t spreading hatred (except of Scientology) – the show is trying to explain that hatred is not the answer, another point entirely lost on these viewers.

My Message to These Morons

You know what I say to these people: you’re idiots. No, not because you don’t like South Park. You’re entitled to your opinion: a lot of people don’t like South Park, and South Park would be the first to defend your right to do as you please and not watch or like it. You’re idiots because you try to impose your views, likes and dislikes on other people. You’re small-minded, intolerant, and a perfect characterization of attempted religious dominance. You claimed you were out to protect your children from this bad cartoon, but you’re just scared that they’ll be exposed to views other than the one’s you want to cram down their throats. So, stop trying to ruin the fun for the rest of us (or other Russians, as the case may be) and keep your bs to yourself.

Whew. Where did that come from? Usually I never have strong opinions about anything. That was so unlike me…glad I got that off my chest.  🙂

What do you think about these issues?

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2 Responses

  1. Russia is banning South Park because 92% of the TV censoring organization voted on it (data from 1st Channel News in Russia). Although it is all adults who may be trying to enforce only their views, it is still completely legal within Russian law. I go to Russia every year and not too many of my friends there watch South Park because of its plain stupidity (I’m 17). So I do not know who the “adults” are trying to protect since it is not too popular to start with. BUT most importantly: a Moscow politician’s son stole money from him to buy some South Park crap. I agree, this is the stupidest reason to try to ban South Park, but that’s the way things are in Russia. As soon as one powerful person does not like something, everyone of his colleagues will support him.

    P.S.I am Russian, but I hope I don’t sound biased.

    Ay! And don’t call an entire people morons, not cool!! 😦

  2. Thanks for your comment, Mike – and don’t worry, I would never call an entire people morons. That, indeed, isn’t cool. I was calling the particular people morons who were thinking and behaving in the particular way that I described above (their Russian-ness has nothing to do with it). As an outcome it seems that what’s happened is what you’ve shared with us, and I really appreciate you adding that to what I’ve said.

    And just as an amusing aside, the most recent South Park commercials say, “Russia has declared war on South Park.” As a response, South Park is airing new episodes (which they would have done anyway). I just think it’s funny that South Park has picked up on this issue.

    Oh yeah, and South Park isn’t stupid.

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