AIDS is Finally Funny After 23 Years in South Park Episode 602, “Jared Has Aides”

It may not seem like a laughing matter, but apparently, AIDS became funny – and beaten like a dead horse – after 23 years, the official amount of time that it takes something serious to become funny.

Jared, Subway’s spokesperson and model, didn’t just eat Subway sandwiches, but also had help from trainers, whom he calls aides. When he tells everyone that aides made him thin, they hear AIDS and think that this is terrible – especially when he vows to give everyone else aides (AIDS) to help them lose weight.

On a separate note, I love the Subway commercials without Jared that refer to their sandwiches as “mucho meaty footlongs” and “five dollar yum-rockets.” Hilarious.

Do you like this episode? Do you like Subway? Do you like Jared?

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2 Responses

  1. So aids is now open for humor? It’s had it’s 23 birthday… now we can all take the piss!

  2. Yes, Bill. That is exactly what’s going on in this episode and echoed by this post. Thank you so much for your astute understanding.

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