Around the World Pic: TGI Fridays – Some People Have a Different Pilgrimage Site

This is me and some of my friends at TGI Fridays in Philadelphia. Why are we here? To celebrate someone’s graduation from college. However, for some, TGI Fridays isn’t just a meal – it’s a religious experience.

The person graduating has been to numerous TGI Fridays around the globe – many of which I dined at with him. It’s not that the food or service is so great or that he misses America when he’s around the world.

It’s that TGI Fridays – and its crap on the walls – is the iconic exportation of Americanism, and no matter where you go, you can get any classic Fridays food. Sure, one could say the same of McDonalds, but the Golden Arches is the big name out front that everyone knows and thinks of America when they see, but the inside is bland and only makes one think he’s at a McDonalds.

TGI Fridays screams at you from every inch of every wall that each piece of junk and flare came straight from crap-town USA and there’s no where you can turn to forget it.

So why are we eating at TGI Fridays in Philadelphia rather than some place else since we’re not around the world? Well, good times were had by all, and it certainly reminded us that no matter how far away we all lived from each other, there was always some place that would remind us of our awesome friend, his hilarious rantings about TGI Fridays, and that we could celebrate his graduation.

What are your thoughts on TGI Fridays? How about your thoughts on the exportation of Americanism in the form of franchised restaurants?

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