Cartman and Wendy Battle it Out in South Park’s New Episode: 1209, “Breast Cancer Show Ever”

This was a hilarious new episode and a great way to continue season 12. Wendy and Cartman match wits and brawn as Cartman continues to provoke her publicly while privately pleading for peace.

It all begins with Wendy trying to raise awareness of breast cancer and after being repeatedly challenged by Cartman with jokes like, “tittie cancer,” and speaking about Wendy’s killer tits, she declares that they’re going to fight and she’s going to kick his ass.

Realizing how terrible it will be to get his ass kicked by this angry and determined girl, Cartman begs Wendy to accept his quiet apology. Wendy relishes the opportunity to kick his ass and has no desire to call the fight off.

Though Cartman brings parents into the fray to stop the fight, Principle Victoria calls Wendy into her office and explains that she is a breast cancer survivor. She then launches into a diatribe about how fat little cancers must be fought and destroyed: “You refuse to let that fat little lump make you feel powerless.”

Needless to say, the fight is awesome but I’m not going to ruin it by telling you who wins.

This episode is distasteful, offensive and violent: e.g. “Like the victims of breast cancer, there’s something I’d like to get off my chest,” Cartman says. Good old pointless South Park episodes. Enjoy!

What did you think about this episode? Did you like it better than the last new episode, “The Chinese Problem”?

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8 Responses

  1. The Snatch style fighting scene in the end was hilarious and the Sarah Palin kickin ass aspect was great. Hope they play on the associations of Obama this season or McCains lack of fight in debates.

  2. OMG. What a fantastic episode! This episode rocked my world. This episode is WAY better than the other SP cancer episode (recall the hockey league episode and the dying cancer kid).

    “Cancer is evil. It is a fat little lump that needs to be destroyed. Cancer doesn’t play by the rules so neither should you. You should be willing to give up everything because cancer will take everything…”

  3. This a fantastic rebound for South Park. Last weeks episode left me with emotional scars….poor Indiana Jones.

    Great commentary this episode regarding the strength of women.

  4. how the eff was sarah palin referenced in this episode?

  5. There are two superb elements to this ep.
    Firstly, it takes Cartman’s ability to continually dig himself into desperate holes to a new dimension. The scene in the room where he eats his underwear and begs with Wendy to call off the fight by saying his mother has muscular distrophy of the titties is a good example. It reminded me of “Awesomo” where he plays a joke on Butters then gets drawn into a nightmare because Butters “has him” and is forced to play out the robot role for real.
    The most poignant moment is when Wendy is beaten by Cartman’s ever increasing Machiavellian manouvers, only to be saved by the principal who makes an analogy between cancer and the lump (Cartman) that has to be removed and basically gives the go-ahead for the fight.
    Parker and Stone and the rest of the writers just go from strength to strength. This their most organised bit of drama I’ve seen but I am a bit of a South Park fanatic. It makes The Simpsons look like Tom and Jerry.
    I’d love to comment on the Pandemic double bill but I have to mentally steel myself whenever I watch it as I end up on the floor in hysterics.

    • trey and stone just kiss liberal ass. cartman is there because like with nearly EVERY show the fat WHITE guy is the safe, easy target to dump on. it’s a FACT that wendy ONLY gets self righteous about cancer AFTER she gets a boob job because she felt inferior to bebe. instead of being an episode about female insecurity this becomes just another let’s shit on Cartmen deal. it’s another FACT that MORE MEN DIE FROM PROSTATE, TESTICULAR and PROSTATE cancer every day then women do from breast cancer. Men are less likely to get checked because they’re afraid to find out they have something and no one cares about men so the majority of campaigns are towards women who have to make a big fucking deal out of everything they go through. Cancer is a HUMAN problem not a gender specific one. Cartman is the ” annoying fat kid everyone knows?” isn’t Wendy the “annoying grade grubbing teacher’s pet girl” in every class?she wins every award, every contest, she and cartman are heaven made for each other. this episode was pathetically predictable.

  6. Lou, I can’t tell you how much I love your enthusiasm. I hope when you have the time you’ll comment on the Pandemic episodes

  7. this was amazing feminist hypocrisy. wendy gets self righteous ONLY after she and every one else conveniently overlook her getting BREAST IMPLANTS. like every show on tv cartman is there to be an EASY target no one will complain about; the fat WHITE guy.
    does anyone know more men die from breast, testicular and prostate cancer then women do from breast cancer? women have programs and campaigns supporting them to get checked. not so much men because men are more reluctant to get checked so they die more.
    as usual this show panders to the goddamn hippie liberals.

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