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The Boys Uncover the Cough Syrup Conspiracy in South Park Episode 811, “Quest for Ratings”

In this episode, the boys have a South Park Elementary television show, and they’re competing with Craig’s show for ratings. If they can’t do better than he does in teh ratings their show will be canceled and they will all fail. At first, they dramatically alter what they’re giving their viewers, adding all kinds of ridiculous elements and making fun of local area news.

They decide that they need to do some real investigating in order to break a real news story, and for inspiration they drink a bunch of cough syrup and trip balls. What they end up uncovering is that everyone is doing cough syrup – how they come to this conclusion is something that you’ll need to watch the episode to find out.

I think the episode is a good commentary about a. the terrible quality of local news, b. the unnecessary emphasis on television ratings and how that can destroy a show’s integrity and actual quality and c. the crappy television that children like to watch…and why.

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