Around the World Pic: A Jewish Cemetery in Tangier, Morocco

Years ago my friend Peter and I went to North Africa for a bit, and made a week-long stop in Morocco. We took an 18 hour bus (not the tourist one, the Arab one) down the coast of Spain from Barcelona all the way to a port in the south of Spain. It was the most horrible bus ride of all time and I’ve been on buses for longer (19 hours being the longest: Tallin, Estonia to Krakow, Poland).

Then we spent three hours floating across the Straights of Gibraltar until we arrive in Tangier, a port town in the north of Morocco. Peter received the following sunburn after falling asleep on the deck of the boat with his arm exposed:

We paid a cab driver to drive us around until our train out that afternoon (that’s the best way to see a lot of a Moroccan city in one day), and one stop we made was at this weird Jewish cemetery where I can be seen here inappropriately standing on top of a coffin. Tasteful, I know.

The person guarding the cemetery wasn’t Jewish and didn’t speak Hebrew. Some of the tombs were very old and many were from people whose families had left Morocco a long time ago but because they had always felt a connection to this city, they wanted to be buried here. The Jews had various successful stints in Morocco.

Have you ever been to Morocco? To Tangier? What did you think?

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