In South Park Episode 313, “Hooked On Monkey Phonics,” Kyle Falls in Love with a Homeschooled Girl

After a spelling-bee that Kyle loses to a home-schooled kid, he gets a big crush on another home-schooled girl. The home-schooled children beg their parents to let them go to regular school and when they do, Kyle and the girl start ‘hanging out.’ He tells her:

“Love is the most important thing on earth. When boys and girls feel love, they kiss.”

The girl’s father can’t believe that he’s losing his little girl and goes to the other parents to complain. Randy replies:

“We can’t completely control what our kids do socially. That’s, you know, that’s for them to figure out on their own.”

It’s an episode filled with good lines and great lessons about love and parenting. Enjoy more quotes about love and parenting.

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