An Evil World is Opened and a Good Cartman Comes Through in South Park Episode 215, “Spooky Fish”

This awesome episode of South Park is brought to you in Spooky Vision, which means that Barbra Streisand’s face is in each corner of your screen throughout the entire terrifying Halloween episode.

When Stan’s Aunt Flo visits and brings Stan a goldfish, he quickly realize that it’s evil and murdering people. Bizarre as well is that Cartman starts being really awesome and nice, until the boys understand that there are two Cartmans: one evil, who they know, and one good, who seems to be from an evil parallel universe. This evil parallel universe is coming from the Ancient Indian Burial Ground pet store, where the pets are evil and going around killing people.

I mentioned this was a Halloween episode, right? Well it’s a good one. Enjoy!

Do you like this episode? What’s your favorite part?

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