7 Examples of How to Gracefully (and hilariously) Fail a Test

Nobody likes to take a test and have no idea how the hell to solve the problems before him. However, it happens. Sometimes, you just don’t know. In that situation, perhaps it’s best to give it your best case or maybe just try for a chuckle and hope for partial credit. Here are some of the better examples of how to gracefully fail a test.

Which was your favorite? Got any others? If so, send them my way at Jay@thezenofsouthpark.com.

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One Response

  1. This reminds me of a time when I visited one of my T.A.’s offices back around ’85-’86. On her wall was a test one of her students had taken. The kid had half-heartedly attempted to take the test before giving up and drawing a portrait of her, cartoon-fashion.

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