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Tweak’s Underpants are Getting Stolen and the Boys Take on Big Business and Harbucks in “Gnomes,” South Park Episode 217

I love the underpants gnomes. Not only are they a great part of South Park mythology (and also Santa’s little helpers during the Holiday Season), but they teach us great lessons about our understanding of big business in this country.

We have a lot of trouble understanding how exactly big business and corporations do what they do. People with small businesses and little coffee shops like Tweek’s father like to think that big corporations are evil and terrible, but they started out small once too and got to where they did being good.

This misunderstanding is most clear when the gnomes show us their business plan. Step 1: Collect Underpants. Step 2: ?. Step 3: Make money. We just don’t know what it is that corporations are doing to get rich.

And it’s awful the way Tweek’s father uses the boys to make his case against Harbucks, the evil coffee chain he thinks is trying push him out of business. The commercial, however, is hilarious.

The episode is funny and has some great points. Check it out.

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