The Boys Buy Weapons, Put a Ninja-star in Butters’ Eye and Walk Around Naked in “Good Times with Weapons,” South Park Episode 801

This is one of those episodes that I just didn’t sufficiently appreciate the first time I saw it, but eventually came to really like.

First, half of it is in this cool anime form, which is really awesome because it’s showing us what the children see when they play. I love the episodes that demonstrate what it’s like to be a kid.

Second, Kenny throws a ninja-star into Butters’ eye when Butters comes as Professor Chaos and the boys battle. That screws up everything and they’ve got to get him help without getting in trouble for buying weapons. Kyle wants to ditch the weapons but Cartman tells him that his Jew blood won’t let him throw something away that he paid so much money for.

What happens to Butters in this episode is pitiful, disgusting and hilarious. We see how truly screwed up parental priorities are when Cartman appears naked due to a wardrobe malfunction (think Janet Jackson during the Superbowl) and that’s the issue at hand rather than what happened to Butters.

Great episode.

What did you think? Did you like it?

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