A Thanksgiving Play Extravaganza with Timmy and Turkeys in South Park Episode 414, “Helen Keller the Musical”

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! And South Park is wishing you one, too, with this episode.

To compete with the kindergartners’ play, which Butters confesses is awesome, the fourth graders become determined to put on the best Thanksgiving play of all time.

Unfortunately, all this has to be done with the Helen Keller musical, but somehow they manage to incorporate a turkey that performs feats (not tricks!), Timmy as a sensational Helen Keller, dancing, singing, pyrotechnics and more. But beware the Turkey rivalries that arise between Timmy’s special turkey and the other trained turkey (who’s a stuck-up turkey bitch!).

One notably hilarious part is when Cartman is being trained to write a masterpiece by a veteran of the stage. Cartman is told to close his eyes and write whatever he envisions – if that something is different and inspirational, that is. We see a smattering of some remarkably disturbing images before Cartman says, Nah, just a bunch of the same. How revealing that this is what Cartman sees when he closes his eyes.

What did you think of this episode? What was your favorite part?

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