Stan and Kyle are Guitar Hero Winners on South Park episode 1113, “Guitar Queer-O”

You know, I never got particularly into Guitar Hero. Actually I never played it at all. Played a little real guitar back in the day, but had barely even heard of Guitar Hero when this episode came out (cut me some slack, I was living out of the country for two years at the time).

But this episode really puts Guitar Hero in its place. We’ve seen videogame episodes before (“Make Love, Not Warcraft,” and “Towelie”), but I think this episode was different because it reminded us of how actually lame Guitar Hero is – and, of course, those other episodes weren’t about Guitar Hero. Take the time spent playing that and learn to play the guitar for real for Christ’s sake! (seriously, it’s what Jesus would want).

Like “Make Love, Not Warcraft,” though, this episode attempts to remind us of what’s going on in the real world by making the videogame so supremely important that we can’t see past it. This was the essence of “Towelie.” The boys were so into their videogame that they didn’t realize their lives were providing them with those sensations for real.

But enough ranting about videogames. We all need mental outlets and like anything done with moderation, videogames can be a great way to spend a little time. Like heroine.

What did you think of this episode? Do you play Guitar Hero? What’s your high score?

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