James Bond Quantum of Solace with Daniel Craig is Dark and Awesome

I really enjoyed the new Bond movie. And this is coming from a classic Bond fan – Sean Connery all the way, baby, I usually say, but this was damn fine Bond.

One thing I liked was the crime syndicate that we’re seeing form – a throwback to some classic bond when it wasn’t always some new and random villain. And the proper development of a Bond character is also great stuff. Craig isn’t a classic bond figure who’s smooth talking, always in control, chillax to the max, etc. He’s rough around the edges, doesn’t have total control over his emotions (but he’s learning) and not fully developed in the personality department either.

But he fucks, shoots and is badass like any other bond (other than Timothy Dalton).

The plot was good, the action was great and the bad guy was wicked. I did notice that they really made an effort to get all of the various possible chase scenes in there though: land, air, sea and by foot. A little much in that department but that’s cool.

I know this review is a little late coming but hopefully if you haven’t seen it yet you’ll consider giving it a shot. If it’s a bonus it was under two hours which I think is an excellent feature for any movie, especially ones that tend to run way too long.

What did you think of this movie? What was your favorite part? You pscyhed for the next one?

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