In “Preschool,” South Park Episode 810, The Boys Cripple a Teacher While Playing Firemen

Trent Boyett, a bully from the boys’ preschool days, is getting out of juvy and boy is he pissed. Why?

Because back in preschool the boys asked him to light a fire so that they could play firemen, pee on it and put it out. The fire got out of control, though, and when the teacher tried to put it out, she caught on fire and the boys let Trent go down for the whole thing.

Throughout the episode they are trying to avoid Trent and find someone to protect them. What they really need to be doing, Shelley teaches them before she agrees to help them, is owning up to what they did wrong.

One noteworthy element of this episode, besides its hilarity, of course, is that Trent Boyett has a tatoo that says, “Vengeance is Mine – So Sayeth the Lord.” What’s interesting is that this little boy obviously means that he wants vengeance and he’s angry, but when we look at this verse in the Bible we notice that it’s been taken entirely out of context. The verses are actually about making peace all the time and how vengeance is something that only belongs to God.

Oh, how easy it is to misinterpret the Bible.

What did you think of this episode?

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