Michael Jackson Comes to South Park in Episode 807, “Mr. Jefferson”

When Michael Jackson and his son come to South Park disguised as Mr. Jefferson and company, the local children are amazed at all the wonderful toys in his house and his generosity in regards to sharing them. Stan and Kyle, however, grow concerned at Mr. Jefferson’s neglect of his son, Blanket, in order to play with other children.

In the meantime, local cops realize that a rich black man has moved to town and, like all cops when they see that rich black men live near them, they try to frame him for a series of heinous crimes. Unfortunately, they see Mr. Jefferson (i.e. MJ) come home and are startled that he is white! What to do?

One cool thing in this episode is that we see Kenny without his jacket on but don’t know for sure that it’s him until he is killed by Mr. Jefferson during some rough play time. Though Kenny is no longer getting killed regularly on South Park by the eighth season, Parker and Stone are always willing to kill him when it adds something different like this. A weird Mr. Jefferson and the boys in bed scene also appears as well as a variety of scenes in which MJ’s face is falling off.

In the end Kyle and Stan tell us that it doesn’t matter what Michael Jackson may or may not have done (in regards to the framing) but what is important is that he grow up and stop acting like a child because he has one that needs taking care of. It is time, we learn, for Michael Jackson to act like an adult.

What did you think of this episode?

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5 Responses

  1. […] you couldn’t turn on CNN without seeing the next wacky Jacko moment. (Though I will admit the South Park portrayal of Michael and his son is a guilty pleasure… so mean, but that’s often the […]

  2. Personally i think that episode was disgusting. Michael Jackson was an angel made in heaven. How can you not love him? I simply do NOT know what the use of that episode was. I may only be a 14 year old girl, but i strongly belive that was a VERY weird thing to do. None of my friends, even those who did not like Michael Jackson that much, think that was horrible. Why do you npeople take him as such a vunerable target? Just becuase he would do something kind for us, like give us things or loving us, and sharing a bed.. which is one of the kindest things you can EVER do.. like he said and i say –“Why can’t you share your bed? The most loving thing to do is to share your bed with someone. It’s very charming. It’s very sweet. It’s what the whole world should do.”– Why cant you? Why do people make fun of it?.. personally i think it was people like you who made him go through that. Dont waste your cash on bashir that filthy Bashir Trash… dont.. for a young childs sake wh absoulutely adores Michael Jackson.. The King Of Pop.
    Zanii Jackson

  3. Hahahahahaha
    Thank you for providing me with by far the most hilarious comment I’ve ever received on my blog.

  4. tha show was cool

  5. Thanks, that is a very good article. I found it via Yahoo and immediately incorporated it into my feedreader. I am pleased to soon be back here to read again! Best greets

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