The Boys Rescue Baby Cows and Stan Becomes a Vegetarian in South Park Episode 605, “Fun with Veal”

A trip to a local form that makes veal – by, of course, refusing to allow baby cows to move around – repulses Stan, and he convinces his friends to help him rescue the baby cows. When the farmer traces the cows back to Stan’s house, where the boys have barricaded themselves up, the parents demand that the baby cows be returned. Not without, Stan insists, a guarantee of their safety.

A giant stand-off ensues, with Cartman serving as an excellent negotiator for the boys, and eventually, it is agreed that the word “veal” will be changed to “dead baby cow.” With that, the entire veal market dries up and the boys prove victorious.

Unfortunately, Stan’s newfound principles turned him into a vegetarian, and he became very sick, breaking out in weird sores. As it turns out, Dr. Doctor explains, they were vaginas, because if you don’t eat meet, eventually you turn into one giant pussy.

Do you eat meat? If so, do you eat veal? Are you a vegetarian? What are your reasons?

What did you think? What was your favorite part?

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