Shia LeBeouf and Billy Bob Thornton are Great in Eagle Eye

Off the bat, I liked this movie. It was fast-paced, entertaining and somewhat thought-provoking, which is about all you can ask from most movies these days. Shia LeBeouf, as I think everyone loves to remind us, is quite the up and coming little actor and with Stephen Speilberg keeping him tucked tightly beneath his wing, he’s sure to be just fine (if inserted after the fact into a few digitally enhanced remakes).

Sort-of Spoiler Alert

The plot of Eagly Eye was a combination of iRobot – a supercomputer that thinks it knows how to protect human beings better than they can protect themselves – and Die Hard IV – cyber-terrorism and losing control to the technology that we’re so dependent on. So, it wasn’t the most unique idea ever, but it was a combination of interesting ideas done in their own way. Eagle Eye pushed reality and technology a few steps further than they go, and in that sense it could remind one of a Michael Crichton approach.

Billy Bob Thornton was very funny, even though I don’t think he was supposed to be haha funny. But I laughed. I think he’s hilarious. Michelle Monaghan, the female lead, was okay. I never find her to be a particularly engaging actress (think Mission Impossible III), but Rosario Dawson wasn’t bad. She’s also in a hell of a lot more movies than I remembered at the time, and could be a lot more badass (remember Sin City) if they’d let her be.

At the end of the day, if you like action flicks then this one is entertaining and probably worth your time.

7 Chocolate Salty Balls.

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