Kenny and Cartman Reunite Ben Affleck and His Butt-Head Parents in South Park Episode 510, “How to Eat with Your Butt”

It’s picture day at South Park Elementary, and Kenny has gotten into his parka backwards so that his ass comes out the front. Cartman, thinking this the most hilarious thing ever, takes Kenny’s picture and submits it as a missing child to the milk company, thereby getting Kenny’s ass on the side of every milk carton.

When a couple who happen to have asses where their faces should be see the milk carton, they think it’s their long lost son and try to contact the milk company and be reunited with him. Cartman can no longer laugh at what must be the most hilarious thing ever – ass-faced people – and thinks that after seeing them he burst his sense of humor and will never be able to laugh again.

Stan and Kyle tell him that he just feels bad for once in his life.

As it happens, the milk company wants to help the ass faced couple and tries to find their son. After a successful search the ass faced couple is reunited with their son, who happens to be none other than Ben Affleck. Yes, this episode all led to hating on Ben Affleck.

Since I hate Ben Affleck with a passion (as I detail in my discussion of Fat Butt and Pancake Head), I love this episode. Anything that rips on Ben Affleck is great by me!

What did you think? What was your favorite part?

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