The Boys Build a “Ladder to Heaven” to Find Kenny and Claim Candy in South Park Episode 612

This is a great episode. It’s got fascinating talk of Heaven, Saddam Hussein, idiotic military men and politicians, God being dumb, the country being retarded, and Cartman being an antisemite. Who could ask for anything more?!

Earlier in season 6, Kenny dies for real (Matt and Trey were tired of the regular killing and decided to kill him off for good), but the boys remember that he died after holding onto a special candy store lottery ticket. They won the lottery and must have that ticket. To figure out where Kenny put the ticket the boys decide to build a ladder to Heaven and ask him themselves.

The parents think they just miss Kenny and must see him and don’t have the heart to tell them that there is no Heaven to reach. The news gets wind of the story and the boys give hope to an entire nation that has lost hope in Heaven; the military starts funding the journey, both because the Japanese are trying to beat the Americans to Heaven and because they think Saddam Hussein is up there building WMDs at a factory in Heaven (he is).

When Bush tries to get UN support for a bombing of Heaven, explaining the South Parkian lore of what happened between Saddam and Satan and how the former ended up there, he is asked by another country’s representative if he’s stupid or high. Very funny stuff.

This is the wonderful conversation that ends the episode:

Stan: Yeah, well people make us kids believe that heaven is this white place with fluffy clouds and angels…

Kyle: Yeah, but now we think maybe heaven isn’t a place you can get to. Maybe heaven is just an idea, a frame of mind or, or something gay like that. Maybe heaven is this moment, right now.

General: So, you’re saying we should bomb this moment right now? Right! Johnson!

Randy: No, no. We shouldn’t bomb anybody. These boys are right. The only heaven we can hope for is one here on earth, now. We should stop waiting to get into heave and start trying to create it.

What did you think of this episode?

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