Around the World Pic: Statue of Romulus and Remus in Rome


I love Roman and Greek mythology. I can’t say that it’s really my forte (pronounced fort whether you believe it or not), but I do enjoy it thoroughly. Do you? What’s your favorite story?

Anyway, my friend Jennifer and I visited a number of museums as we traveled around western Europe, and I couldn’t have asked for a better person to visit these museums with. As an art historian she has a way of making art very relevant for me in a way that it otherwise might not have been. How? By relating it to the history and religion that I’m familiar with, of course.

In Rome, she took a picture of me with this statue, which we both remembered from our high school Latin text books. Yes, it is Romulus and Remus, the abandoned twins, being suckled by the she-wolf that saved their lives. I’ll let you guess as to which of the two founded the ancient city of Rome…yes, that’s right – ROMulus.

I love statues. I think they look better in homes than paintings. I wish I could have this one. It’s so bizarre.

Have you been to Rome? Have you seen this statue? What did you think?

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